Saving the Best for Last: CloverETL at the Tableau Conference in Seattle

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William Miller
William Miller

After four full days of discussing data, and the opportunities and challenges that come with it, Tableau’s Destination Data Conference in Seattle has come to an end. The Tableau conference, the third we attended as an official partner of Tableau, and by far the largest of the year, was sold out with over 5600 attendees, many who came to see how data solutions like Clover can empower their Tableau analytics and visualizations.20140910_131642small

Destination Data was a powerful theme this year because not only can data points be embedded and help pivot decision-making, but each Tableau data user can see how better organized data can drive better insights. What we found is that users were more than a receptive audience about the need for good, quick, simple data integration.

Again, as before, our message resonated with business users making data-driven decisions and with tech-minded IT directors working with data architecture. Regardless of their industry and field, attendees essentially told us: yes, Tableau can visualize and analyze data.Tableau conferenceBut how can we move our data into Tableau together, cleanly, efficiently, and inexpensively, when there is so much of it and from so many sources?

Almost always, what they were looking for was a straightforward solution, one that was cost-effective and something a bit leaner. With the “pull” for a user experience that focuses on Tableau’s key elements (experimentation, expressiveness, speed, and control), the data solution needs to be tightly connected. We showed how Clover is easy to operate, yet robust enough to integrate, harness, and funnel their different data sources into Tableau for visual analysis.

Tableau and CloverETL work well together – from target to source – with Clover handling the data integration and Tableau handling visualization. Most companies were both impressed with Clover’s performance and simplicity, and also a little surprised that such a tool exists (without a hefty, enterprise-level price tag).

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This year’s Tableau’s Data Destination conference in Seattle represented a true turning point in how analytics can now be used at all levels, from the individual user to the C-level executive. Now, as we approach the Partner Summit in February and Tableau 2015 in September next year (both in Las Vegas), we intend to continue our commitment to this hot space.

Posted on September 15, 2014.

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