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Video: CloverDX and the Tableau Web Data Connector

Posted by Kevin Scott on Oct 20, 2015 10:14:18 PM

Following video showcases how to set up CloverDX (formerly CloverETL) as a web service and load data from any source into Tableau using Web Data Connector (WDC).

Web Data Connector was introduced in Tableau 9.1 and it allows Tableau users to connect to whole new categories of data sources that are not directly supported with pre-packaged Tableau Data Connector. This is great news for CloverDX users, because CloverDX Server can be configured to expose any CloverDX graph or Jobflow as a Web Service! So CloverDX will serve as a Tableau Web Data Connector and provide a simple, flexible gateway for Tableau users to quickly gain access to more corporate data.

Tableau Web Data Connector and CloverETL

This is a remarkably powerful idea as CloverDX can:

  • provide non-intrusive REST façades to legacy system data (and combinations of legacy system data). Let CloverDX orchestrate and monitor complex interactions with your legacy systems, surfacing only a simple, intuitive interface to the Tableau Desktop users.
  • eliminate persistent intermediate storage of sensitive data, delivering it on demand directly from the legacy source to the Tableau desktop.
  • accept user credentials allowing each Tableau user to receive only data for which they are authorized.

A simple Tableau Web Data Connector application can then be built that acts as a bridge between a Tableau desktop and a CloverDX Launch Service. You can easily deploy such a Tableau WDC application in the same application server that runs your CloverDX Server.

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A Tableau WDC compliant web application need only provide a simple set of callback services:

initCallback() – Tableau calls this first to establish connection with data source
headersCallback() – Tableau expects this method to return the Metadata definition for the dataset
dataCallback() - Tableau expects this method to return the actual data
shutdownCallback() – Tableau calls this method to terminate the interaction with the source.

The full Tableau WDC SDK, documentation and a tutorial is available for download at

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